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Fearless. Fabulous. Fun.

Natasha brings a sense of fearlessness to her work. From this bold spirit, she consistently plays the edge between greatness and disaster. Raised on the beach and matured in the mountains, Natasha looks to the world around her for inspiration.

Kicking ass at life

Natasha is an accomplished rock climber, runner, swimmer, cyclist, kayaker, skier among other activities. She has climbed El Cap, competed in triathlons, guided rafts down the American River, cycled some of the highest passes in the United States. She is an advanced yoga practitioner and instructor.

While getting her Dramatic Art B.A. she also rocked a PreMed track leaving with B.S. in Biology. She also studied at the Architecture Masters Program at CU Denver. She’s worked as a Yosemite Ranger, a sustainability lead at an architecture firm and an account executive at a Fortune 50 company. She is also an avid traveler and yes, has passport and will travel for work.


Natasha has been performing improv for nearly 15 years. She has performed at the Rubicon Theater, Wyatt Theater, Bovine Metropolis Theater, Impulse Theater, Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Boulder Fringe Festival among other venues.

Random Incomplete Life Goals

• Complete an Iron Man (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2mi run)

• Climb Aconcagua

• Design/Build my own sustainable building/development

• Ride bike to Tierra del Fuego

• Eat lunch at Club 33

• Sail in the Medeteranian

• Ski Mauna Kea

• Keynote GreenBuild

Work with any and all of my Film/TV favs:

• Joss Whedon

• Matt Weiner

• Jim Jarmusch

• J.J. Abrams

• Broccoli and Wilson

• Anthony Russo

• Adam Horowitz

• Marc Guggenheim

• David Fincher

• Baz Lauhrmann

• Julie Taymor

A chameleon, Tasha adjusts to the role that allows her to explore the world with vigor.